We elucidate how interfacial composition, microstructure, structural and energetic order/disorder and molecular conformation at the interfaces impact the optoelectronic phenomena, how they determine the performance of organic and inorganic/organic hybrid devices and their lifetime, and use this gained knowledge to design more reliable structures that can be manufactured over large areas for the benefit of the European technology space.

Most importantly, we use our research activities as the ultimate platform for training highly skilled mobile scientists with strong interdisciplinary skills and insight. The accrued training is widely transferable to other advanced functional materials, electronics & photonics, manufacturing and energy areas. As much of the research activity involves development, processing and application, awareness and capability in relation to these are also established, INFORM will help the EU maintain a supply of much-needed versatile researchers.

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    Scientific Program

    INFORM combine processing with structural and optoelectronic characterisation and modelling, surface engineering and device fabrication, device physics and technology, with up-scaling and large-area manufacturing.

    Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) are in contact with state-of-the-art experimental techniques and modelling tools as well as they are given insight in the challenges of up-scaling. Our goal is to combine careful experimentation and a rigorous theoretical approach with practical education on technology development.

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    Training Program

    The training program is designed to support the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) through three years of research, with continuing practical and professional skills training, culminating in a level of research and training consistent for the award of a PhD.

    The overall goal of INFORM training program is to provide a full package of comprehensive and interdisciplinary training to generate scientists who can deal with complex questions related to ‘Organic’ (inorganic/organic) electronics.